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Material, style and design for sophistication and appeal to entry doors

An entry door is known as the face of all homes, residential and commercial structures. A good door can add more appeal and sophistication to the existing beauty of your homes, whereas a poorly constituted door can make you feel embarrassed and cheated. Known for adding aesthetic elements, entry doors are always prone to gradual wear and tear, weather and moisture. If you can compare, you will find that the traditional type of doors is usually made of wood. Such doors are physical stout in nature. This feature makes them more vulnerable but they face an open threat from the temperature, sun, and rain. If they come in the contact of weather extremes, they can shrink or swell. Today, people are likely to use fiberglass, steel and plastic doors owing to their durability and ability to cope with the factors that affect long life of wooden doors.

When it comes to having the best doors for the external use, you need to look at the style, design and material that constitute a perfect entry option. For giving the door a perfect style, you need to select from a vast line of traditional, contemporary or modern designs from popular panel patterns. Interestingly, you can have these patterns with or without decorative glass elements. In market, you can have different configuration options suiting your taste and designing needs. It is nothing but the design of the door that can make or break the beauty of your concrete structure. You can easily have traditional or contemporary doors designs in rectangle, circle, oval or other popular shapes. To get something special for your domestic doors, you can also consider Mackintosh style doors that are a perfect example of architectural design and craftsmanship.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a great Scottish architect, designer and artist. He was widely known as one of the greatest creative figures of the early 20th century. His works were a perfect example of functional and practical designs. His European style works are still imitated by the modern door designers. With decorative colored glass panels, the Mackintosh designs replicate the style of early 20th century. Today, you can easily make doors energy efficient by elegantly mixing decorative colored glass panels with luxurious cherry veneer and double glazed panels.

Fiberglass is a good replacement for the wooden doors that easily captitulate to the vagaries of the nature. High-performance fiberglass doors are specially crafted and engineered to render maximum protection and durability. Fiberglass doors look like real wood and they insulate 5 times better than the natural wood. You can have them in mahogany, oak, fir wood grain textures or a smooth finish. The smooth finish can be painted and textured. It is ideal for coastal applications. Interestingly, doors made of fiberglass do not dent or rust. Moreover, it successfully resists splitting, cracking and warping. It is durable, secure and long lasting.

Fiberglass doors boldly face harsh weather climates as they have square-edge, engineered stiles that deliver excellent dimensional stability. The hardware of the doors gets more security and strength from a reinforced lock block. The high-quality composite wood bottom rails are rot and corrosion resistant. In addition, this sort of doors are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Like fiberglass, steel is also a very good option for your front doors as it is durable, secure and long lasting. More importantly, they are capable of resisting rotting, splitting and cracking in a perfect manner. Steel is easy to paint and it gives a smooth finish. Above all, it insulates better than the wood. Making a change from wood to other materials has always been a matter of grave concern for all people who always like to make their entry doors distinguished and functional. Today, wooden door frames can be partnered with any type of doors—steel or fiberglass. The main material of the door always puts an impact on the durability, appearance and security. The cost of doors is also decided on the basis of the type of materials used for making doors.

In general, flush and paneled are the two common types of doors. Flush doors have a smooth face. On the other hand, paneled doors are seen with rectangular recesses. The purpose behind using recessed frames in entry doors is to give room for potential shrinking and swelling that are directly caused by shifting temperature and moisture. To substitute these panels, sometimes, light is used. When we talk about doors with glass lights hinged in swinging panels, French doors catch all eyes and make a real difference to your entrance area.

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