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Transforming your patio entrance with BIFOLDING DOORS

Being a homeowner you know the importance of the patio area in your house – this is the place where family gatherings take place and its attractiveness as well as functionality is very important. The two common solutions for patio entrances have always been a sliding patio door and a French patio door, both offering their own aesthetic and practical advantages.

Recently door industry manufacturers have introduced a completely different revolutionary style for the patio entrance which is called a bifolding door. Bifolding doors offer a conceptually new approach in the patio area design.

In this article we will talk about this new system in detail explaining its special features.

This innovative door type is designed to maximize your comfort while integrating smoothly the inside and outside areas of your home.

Bifolding doors have a very advanced design, thoroughly thought by the engineers, as well as they have a very attractive aesthetic appeal and are able to complement your house architecture in the best way. That is why more and more homeowners choose to transform their space by installing these doors so they can enjoy the sunshine and clear views of the outdoors.

1If you decided to have the bifolding door system installed in your patio area opening, depending on the width of your opening you may get up to 16 panels which will be mounted on the top track. The maximum possible height of the system is 8ft. These panels would be neatly sliding sideways from the centre.

The system is available in fiberglass, material which requires no maintenance and offers superior insulation and aesthetic qualities.

The system is completely resistant to water and air infiltration even during the harshest weather. The level of air infiltration is 50 times better than the one of a sliding door. You will actually get the impression and benefits of a fixed wall when the system is closed shut. You will have an insulated and energy efficient patio door system which will cope perfectly with the challenges of the season, such as wind, precipitation and temperature drops.

With double glazing these doors will create an excellent acoustic barrier protecting you from the outside noise.

Bifolding doors have everything they need to be durable and provide an easy and quiet operation – the system is equipped with high quality stainless steel bearings in guides and pivots. The tracks, channels and sills are made from structurally strong aluminum extrusions.

5You also will have peace of mind knowing that the operating hardware is made in such a way that no part of the system is accessible from outside for removal or damage when the doors are closed. For unparalleled security the doors also come equipped with a multi-point lock by GU.

You can order these doors with confidence knowing that they are in conformity with the your entertainment area with stunning panoramic views will add a great style and quality to your living.

strictest industry standards, so you can be enjoying their hassle-free operation for years.

With attractive design, luxury finishes, clean lines and premium quality materials these doors most definitely excel in performance and aesthetics allowing you to expand your space visually and increase your home’s curb appeal and value.

Installation of a bifolding door system requires a high level of expertise and that is why you should only contact a reputable company who has professional consultants who will advise you of how your particular space can accommodate such doors and explain to you all available options in detail. They will guide you through the process and help you create a spectacular custom setting which will beautifully match with the rest architecture of your house and professional installers will be able to provide you with a top quality installation which is essential in order ensure an excellent performance of the systems for years to come.

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