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- Single Door


- Door with 1 sidelite


- Door With 2 Sidelite


- Double Door



SD door series are made with 1-1/2” composite SDL bars. For those who prefer traditional appearance we combined doorlites with embossed panels, and for those seeking a more contemporary design we offer full size doorlites. Both options give your entrance fine and exquisite appearance and reflect an impeccable taste of the homeowner.


- available sizes

Our pre-hung doors are available: 32", 34", 46" X 79" and 32", 34", 36", 42" X 95". We can also build doors with custom width and height according to our customers requirements.

- material

Thermoluxe doors are available in fiberglass.Fiberglass door skins can be smooth painted or woodgrain stained. We can provide colour matching service in case the customer needs a specific colour which is not present in our palette. Fiberglass doors provide excellent performance, insulation and security and are built according to the industry's highest standards.

- Textures

Available only in Smooth, Oak and Cherry grain.

- Multipoint locking system

These lock meet all the highest standards for resistance to a forced entry, fire safety, tightness and accessibility. Such lock activates automatically at the moment when you simply close your door – top and bottom ¾”(20mm) latches get instantly engaged. If you turn the key from the outside or the knob from the inside at 90 degrees angle, the 1” central deadbolt becomes engaged and locks the upper and lower latches making it a 3 deadbolt locking system.

- Hardware

Security and beauty of Thermoluxe entry doors is significantly complemented by quality hardware. We partner with the industry’s best suppliers to equip our doors with reliable and durable components – so you can have peace of mind knowing your door is protected from the elements and forced entry. We have an extensive line of door locks, including deadbolt, tubular, mortise and multi-point locks. Ball-bearing hinges, flush bolts, roller catchers, weather stripping, sills, glass frames all meet strictest standards and made from high quality materials to ensure smooth performance and add a finishing touch of excellent to our products.

- Finishes

Thermoluxe entry doors are made pre-finished. We use high grade commercial paint and stain finishes specifically designed for fiberglass and steel doors. Painting and staining gives the door an excellent protection from weather exposure and makes it virtually maintenance-free. Pre-stained and pre-painted doors have durable surfaces which will neither peel nor corrode for many years ahead keeping your entrance attractive and secure.

color options




B: Black Stains / D: Dark Walnut Stains